I was born in Dubai, U.A.E and grew up there with 3 younger sister. As you can imagine, our house is dominated with girls and my amazing parents love it. I graduated in BBA Finance from American University in Dubai. I initially wanted to study Journalism but there wasn’t a college in Dubai offering it and I didn’t feel ready to leave home! Then 2 years into my program, Journalism was introduced in the school I was studying in. I contemplated changing majors but decided 2 years was far to in both time wise and money wise to change. A few years later, I moved to the U.S, where I am currently living, for masters. With every passing day, I am more interested in writing than finance. I started my blog for this exact reason.

I began to post regularly beginning of 2017. This blog is a platform where I write about anything that interest me, or any young smart woman. I mostly write about food, fashion, art, culture and relationships. I am also doing a little side experiment with this blog. My family and friends are not aware of this blog simply because I want to experiment the growth without any help from them. I don’t force any family or friends to read my posts :)

I love to hear from my readers. If you have any suggestions or questions, please feel free to write to Amena at amenashahh@gmail.com

Unless specified, all photos used are mine and will require a written consent to be republished.   

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