On Plastic Consumption

Yesterday, I read an article in The Guardian about ‘Mountains and mountains of plastic in Cambodia’, and I can’t stop thinking about it.

The article was upsetting, however, it was the photographs from Sihanouk in the country’s south west that had a profound impact. They depict in horrifying detail the extent of plastic waste produced, and in most of them, the ground or water body is completely covered in a thick layer of plastic. I am well aware that plastic is a massive problem, but photographs like such show the extent of the problem, and it left me gobsmacked.

Later that night clearing up my kitchen garbage bin, I took a peek inside to see if there was any plastic, and my heart sank. My belief was I didn’t use a lot of plastic. But the garbage bin was showing a different reality. If truth be told, I do make an effort to reduce my plastic consumption by doing things like using a cotton tote bag, requesting my local butcher wrap my meat in a paper, avoiding packaged fruits and vegetables… Yet there was a lot of plastic. The garbage bin was filled with plastics from things I didn’t consider a big deal like those little wrappers and packages of biscuits, lentils, and pasta. Together, they made for a colossal plastic mess.

Following the brutal discovery, and the images of Cambodia still intact, I have made the decision to be more mindful of how much plastic I use. To start, I noted down everything in my apartment that came in plastic. It did not take me long to realize that there is no escape from it. Even plants come in plastic pots!

Walk down any supermarket lane and it seems like they are on a mission to make the entire supermarket out of plastic too. We can all agree that we can’t continue to consume at the current rate. We are addicted to plastic and it not going to be easy to limit it. I do want to make an effort, but I don’t know where to begin! Do you try to limit your plastic usage? I’d love to hear some tips.

Photo of a vintage ad. 

Do or Don’t: Red Lips and Nails

Recently I came across this picture of Léa Seydoux and was immediately drawn to her immaculate red lip, and matching nails. How stunning does it look? I am digging the colour combination of Léa’s outfit with the pop of red from her lips and nails.

A few years ago, I was at a restaurant–to celebrate my birthday–and an elegant couple was seated next to me. Both husband and wife were dressed in sharp black suits but the wife was wearing red lipstick and nail polish, just like that picture above. Throughout the dinner, I couldn’t stop glancing at her every chance I got to admire how stylish she looked. Prior to that night, I thought matching red lips and nails is not elegant but that woman proved me wrong. She is one of the most stylish women I have ever seen. Ever since then, I have always made red lips and nail polish my go-to look for special occasions. Most of my friends used to think it’s “too much” to match lips and nails, especially in that hue but I changed their mind with a simple trick. Keep the outfit simple and classic just like Léa Seydoux and the woman at the restaurant. Any thoughts? Would you wear red lips and nails?

P.S. This red lipstick and nail polish shade are beautiful.

Photo via Vogue.com

Five Spring Trends

Have you noticed, nowadays trends don’t last a season, rather they remain in trend for years? I like it better this way because most of us tend to shop for clothes we can visualize wearing for years. For example; straight leg jeans. I don’t think it will be out of trend for quite some time. I, for one, can’t stop wearing them. The five trends for spring/summer this year is very exciting to watch, and I am leaning towards plaids! What is your most favourite out of the five?

All-white everything.
An all-white outfit paired with tan sandals or bag is a classic summer look, but my favourite part of the look is the white blouse. I can’t get enough of them.

Blazer, Pants, Top
This is my favourite trend, and I am especially digging the plaid blazer with jeans look. How stylish are those plaid pants with marron oxfords? 

I am so glad the pink or “millennial pink” trend is out (even as a millennial, I was sick of it). Lilac is popping up everywhere and it looks very sophisticated.

Coat, Suit, Culottes
Bold colours.
A pop of colour is very spring, don’t you agree? Just like blooming flowers are a pop of colour against any backdrop. I am especially digging the trend of bright coloured suits. Would you wear one?

Army green colour is another hot colour for spring. I have seen pictures of girls pairing utility jacket with floral dresses and it looks very cute.

Top photo via Net-a-Porter. All photos via links listed.

A Fun Update

I’ve been absent from the blog for some time, not because I didn’t have time, rather I was suffering from writer’s block. I don’t want to post just for the sake of it. Last year, after being absent for a month, I did an update post on what I was eating, wearing, reading and watching. So, I figured this might be a fun thing to do every season. Even though it’s spring, according to the calendar at least, it sure doesn’t feel like it, so this update is something in the middle of winter and spring.

What does my diet look like nowadays?
My local farmers market is still looking like winter so my diet has been mostly potatoes in lots of different ways such as cut into chunks and cooked with beef stew, or mashed with shepherd’s pie or simply made into fries. Recently, I discovered these tortillas and have been on a twice-a-week taco diet. They are so, so good that they would be perfectly fine with just guacamole. Yesterday, I had fried chicken tacos with guacamole and aioli which was perhaps the best taco I ever made. The recipe for that will be coming soon.

My go-to clothes.
I have been wearing my big down jacket non-stop and seriously looking forward to giving it a break. Under that, I have been wearing this turtleneck (similar here) quite a lot and only giving it a break because I don’t want any questionable looks. I love the soft look of the turtleneck with my bulky jacket.

Have you watched anything interesting?
These days I have been mostly watching shows, documentaries and movies on Netflix. The best thing I watched recently is the documentary called Abacus: Small Enough to Jail. It tells the saga of the Chinese immigrant Sung family, owners of Abacus Federal Savings of Chinatown, New York. I am on the hunt for some new T.V. shows to watch so I’d love to hear any recommendations if you have.

Are you reading anything?
I am in the middle of this book, and so far, I would highly recommend it to anyone. The story is one of the most interesting and distressing I have ever read.

Top photo by Biegun Wschodni. Corn tortilla photo via. Jacket photo via.

Tips on How to Decorate a Bookshelf (And 9 Beautiful Objects)

A bookshelf is the first furniture piece I notice in an apartment. My bookshelf, although small, is my favourite little thing in my apartment because it is where all my best-loved things reside, from books to objects to art, albeit a very small collection. A bookshelf in a library would be easy to arrange but at home, you need to bring in a little personality to mix. Recently, I was rearranging my bookshelf and realised that it lacks any personality and, frankly, looked quite boring. It desperately needed a couple of new objects. The tricky part was, I didn’t know what kind of objects to buy? So, as anybody does in the modern age, I went down the Pinterest hole, looked at a whole lot of bookshelf pictures for inspiration, and narrowed down three essential tips for decorating a bookshelf.

1. Play with placing books horizontally and vertically. If you have a book with an attractive front cover, don’t be shy to place them facing out in front of other books. Grouping books by subjects and then by size is also a great idea for easy navigations. Basically, organize your bookshelf in whatever way you prefer, some people choose to organise by the colour, some chose by the cover (hard vs paperback) or by the author.

2. A good mix of antique or antique-looking pieces with modern objects looks wonderful. A good idea is to mix a new book with antique objects such as a globe or magnifying glass and an old book with modern objects.

3. A framed piece looks beautiful in any bookshelf, and, bonus, you don’t have to drill any holes. Whether it is a picture of your loved one or an art or a mix of two, it always works and adds a personal touch.

Once I figured out what I needed to buy, I set out to find objects online. I found so many beautiful objects that would be perfect on any bookshelves.  Here are some of my most favourite ones.

Top photo via Design Milk, Miniature spring forest via SwissMiss.