5 Female Characters You Can Dress Up As for Halloween

Dress up as the badass Mildred Hayes played by Frances McDormand from Three Billboards.The movie is not out yet, but the after watching the trailer, you would want to dress up as her. This jumpsuit, with a red polo shirt and this dot bandana.

As the hilarious Florence Foster Jenkins by wearing this gold maxi kaftan, lots of short and long necklaces, a feather fan and a gold tiara.

Or as Mia from La La Land wearing the popular yellow dress and these shoes.

Girl With a Pearl Earning wearing these faux pearl earrings and a blue head wrap.

If you got inspired by the three women in Hidden Figures, why not dress up as one of them. Even better if it’s you and two other girlfriends dressing up as Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson.  This and this dresses in vintage inspired checks would be prefect with pearls and classic heels.

Three Cool Clothing Brands

Clothes that are timeless and season-less is better for our wardrobes, wallets and the earth, don’t you think? Here are three brands that make stunning clothes you would want to wear for years because classic designs will always be trendy.

Francesca Invernizzi
Francesca Invernizzi is a stockholm based independent fashion brand founded by Italian designer  Francesca Invernizzi. It inspires an essential poetic aesthetic based on the linear simplicity of forms and volumes. The formal vocabulary is a sophisticated reinterpretation of historic, tradition and tailoring, while the bold use of materials and the subtle combination of finishings and details appeal to the self-conscious contemporary woman.” They don’t do clothes based on seasons, just volumes with their own story.

Rixo London
Founded by two young London College of Fashion Alumi Henrietta Rix and Orlagh McClosky, Rixo is a contemporary womenswear label inspired by the creators love for all things vintage. They create vintage inspired one-off pieces for the modern woman to wear. Every print is painted by hand, by the founders themselves. You can buy the clothes from here and here.

Marrakech Life is clothing brand based in Morroco. Their clothes making process starts from creating their own fabric which is hand-woven in their Marrakech atelier by local crafts men and women. “Our mission is to create beautiful, original designs and preserve the rich artisan heritage of Morocco. ” All their clothing are unisex, with options in stunning unique colours.

P.S. More cool clothing brands here and here.

How To Use Dried Lime in Your Cooking

Dired limes, known as Omani limes, are not a mainstream ingredient in America which is such a shame because this is the secret to flavoring and transforming your dishes without much effort. It’s a simple ingredient, produced by briefly boiling small limes in salt brine, and then laid out in the sun to dry over the course of several weeks. When the limes have dried, it’s dark brown in colour, crinkly, hard and feels hollow. But it is a power ingredient, pleasantly sour with citrusy notes.

Dired lime is used extensively in the Middle east and South Asia. They are often added to soups and stews. You simply wash them, pierce a couple of holes with fork or knife, and drop a couple or more of them into any dish that is going to cook low and slow. The holes will give way for cooking liquid to liven up, the which in turn will liven up the dish.

These citrus flavor bombs can work well with almost anything, but I love its match with lamb, beef or chicken cooked in a herbed stew. Adding these limes is the perfect way to achieve that nice sourness and brightness that is a classic pairing with anything green. So next time you’re slow cooking add a couple of these dried limes, and when served, squeeze the lime with the back of your spoon to release the juices. You can buy the dried limes here or at any local Middle Eastern or Indian store.

Photo taken on my iPhone.

What Are You Looking Forward To This Fall?

Every season has its pros and cons. I am not a big fan of cold weather, but its arrival is inevitable. The thought of being in the long cold season depresses me to the point of minor anxiety. For me, the arrival of the cold season doesn’t only remind me of short sunny days but also end of the year. For the last couple of years, the end of each year has been the hardest for me to come to terms with. I often feel the year that went by, went by too fast to do anything significant. 

To prevent myself from feeling terribly sad about the changing weather, I am going to reflect on the pros of fall in hopes it helps me and perhaps some of you reading this. Fall is an amazing season, and I am so glad we have it! Going straight in to winter after summer would wreck havoc on our bodies and mind. Here are 5 things I am looking forward to in fall…

The changing colours of the trees, of course. I will be photographing it just like I did for spring.
The crunchy leaves on the ground. I love walking on those.
Wearing cute sweaters and cardigans.
Warm hot chocolate while watching a movie! I crave dark chocolates when it’s cold.
Not having to feel icky and sweaty after a long walk or run.

Photo is screenshot from Far from Heaven

Fall Trend: Upgraded Sweatshirts

Have you noticed that one big trend for fall is sweatshirts? I am not really into them, but lately my mind has changed. The part I didn’t like about sweatshirts was all the branding and logos in the front, but nowadays things seems to have changed. Sweatshirts are chic and simple. I also love all the beautiful colours they come in but my heart is set on pink and grey. Here are a few I absolutely love, including the top photo (how lovely are those sleeves?)