Gift Guide Part II: The Sweetest Woman You Know.

Baby Pearl Ring, $168, because she’s delicate and strong just like pearl and gold together. Perfect for your mother.

Eyes Valet Tray, $68, because it’s perfect for all her delicate jewelry.

Joelle Ciocco Précieux Cérat, $271, a precious ointment that gives intense hydration and nourishment, and is especially great during winters or when traveling. This is lovely too.

Bonne Maison socks, $22, such a pretty colour and pattern.

Buly 1803 hand cream, $50, one of the best hand creams out there and it comes in the most pretty tube.

Uni Candlestick, $38, simple and graceful just like her.

Pendleton Yakima Blanket, $130, famously durable and warm, they’re modeled after the blankets early shepherds used to brave the elements of the pacific northwest - right where they are still woven today. Perfect for cosy evenings.

All Birds Wool Sneakers, $95, a remarkable shoe that’s soft, lightweight, breathable, and fits your every move.

All photos via brands respective websites. 

A Bizarre Incident

A bizarre incident happened to my friend and I as we were dining at a packed pizza restaurant in DUMBO. Our table was so close to the ones next to ours that it felt like we were all on the same table. I could hear every conversation they were having, and they could probably hear ours too. Once we placed our order, my friend struck up an interesting conversation, which carried on till our order arrived. The restaurant was so noisy that it was impossible to carry on a conversation without speaking louder than usual, unless you lean in closer towards the middle of the table, which we were doing. About 20 minutes later, our pizza finally arrived. We were starving, and as soon as we grabbed slices from the delicious pizza, we fell silent. The comfortable kind of silence that only exists between close friends! Also, the last thing we wanted was to speak loud while eating, with a decent size pizza in front of us on a tall stand. We asked each other if the pizza was great, which it was, and that was it.

While I was enjoying my second slice, my friend had a quick chat with the person sitting next to our table followed by a confused look on her face. I couldn’t heat their conversation because of the noisy atmosphere, but as soon as they left, my friend told me the person asked her if we liked our pizza? To which she replied “yes it’s great”, and he replied, “you guys are quiet so I thought maybe you don’t like the pizza.”

I wasn’t sure how to react to it because I felt it was strange to ask strangers why they are not talking. I don’t think I would point it out, it’s simply not my business. My friend replied to him saying “oh okay” because she didn't know what else to say. “It was very awkward” she told my later. I have my own opinion on conversing in a restaurant, and talking loudly in a restaurant is impolite and disrupts the dinning experience for people sitting close to you.

The New York Times, for an articlemeasured noise levels at 37 restaurants, bars, stores and gyms across the city and found levels that experts said bordered on dangerous at one-third of them. WHO warns that, “repeated exposure to loud noise often damages hearing and has been linked to higher levels of stress, hypertension and heart disease.”

What are your thoughts? How would you have responded to that question?

Do you find it distracting to dine in a restaurant that is too noisy? I also dislike shopping in stores where the music is too loud. Things we spend time, money and effort should, likely, calm us, which, sadly, is contrary nowadays.

Gift Guide Part 1: The Best Cook You Know.

Platform Bowl, $32.50, to make their kitchen look as chic as them. This simple module can be combined in stacks of two, three or four to create a tiered display. The Platform Bowl is both a useful tool for separating fruits and vegetables and an attractive centerpiece.

Royale Elité Walnut Hnadled Knives, $100, because a knife is is used everyday! These knives combine a stunning, smooth American Walnut handle with a German-made stainless steel alloy blade. Walnut is favored for its strength and stamina, and it ain’t too shabby looking, either! 

Detailed Rolling Pin, $125, these stunning handmade rolling pins are not only useful but can be passed down through generations.

Classic serving cutlery, $15–$111, because it’s high time they have the perfect set of serving cutlery, and get rid of all those miss match ones.

Ceramic juicer, $55, because it’s so chic that they won't have to forget it in the cupboard. Hand-crafted from fine eathware, and perfectly sized to accommodate everything from limes to grapefruit.

I love New York: Ingredients and recipes by Daniel Humm and Will Guidara, $32, because it is one of the best cook books out there. In I Love New York, Humm and Guidara present an in-depth look at the region’s centuries-old farming traditions along with nearly 150 recipes that highlight its outstanding ingredients—from apples, celery root, and foie gras to nettles, pork, scallops, and venison.

Peugeot Pepper Mill, $45, because it is the best pepper mill out there. I mentioned here that this was one of the best things I bought last year, and I stand by it. Seriously, worth every penny. 

All photos via brands respective websites.

5 Cool Red Things

Sindroms, Issue #1: Red

Sindroms is a journal of monochrome states of mind, Curating its content based on specific colours and investigating them across culture, Sindroms immerses its readers in the feelings and moods evoked by each colour. In the first issue, Red Sindrom, celebrates the use of red in everyday life through conceptual and carefully curated editorials and visual essays, which carry the reader though an emotional rollercoaster throughout its 140 pages.

Red Glass Three Level Serving Dish

Everything looks fancy when you serve it on a three level serving dish, don’t you agree? If you’re hosting any parties this season, this serving dish would be perfect for small desserts. The pretty pattern would even make a simple biscuit look royal worthy.

Nino Giani Frerea shoulder bag

Inspired by the vintage binocular cases, this smooth leather bag has a structure shape in the most gorgeous red.

Red Turtleneck

This beautiful red turtleneck made from wool knit would look good on its own or layered under. If you are digging the all red look, this would be the perfect base - under a red blazer or coat tucked inside red trousers.

La Bouche Rouge Lipstick

Newly launched French makeup house La Bouche Rouge only makes lipsticks in various shades of red. They are also about using clean ingredients and keeping sustainability in mind. Their formulas are micro-plastic free and their leather tube is reusable with any of their refillable shades. Their current selection has everything from nude red to orange red to pink red, basically they want you to find the perfect red for yourself.

The Void Rug

How cool is this void rug? I would pause every time before stepping on it!

“Multidisciplinary artist Scott Jarvie has designed an optical illusion ‘void rug’, when viewed from a particular angle, creates the image of a gaping circular void in the floor.”

via swissmiss.