What Are You Most Looking Forward To This Fall?

Every season has its pros and cons. Or maybe it is that we, humans, are never satisfied. Even on a perfect weather day, there will be someone who finds it either ‘too hot’ or ‘too cold’. I am not a big fan of cold weather, but its arrival is inevitable. The thought of being in the long cold season, depresses me to the point of minor anxiety. For me, the arrival of the cold season doesn’t only remind me of short sunny days but also end of the year. For the last couple of years, the end of each year has been the hardest for me to come to terms with. I often feel the year that went by, went by too fast to do anything significant. 

To prevent myself from feeling terribly sad about the changing weather, I am going to reflect on the pros of fall in hopes it helps me and perhaps some of you reading this. Fall is an amazing season, and I am so glad we have it! Going straight in to winter after summer would wreck havoc on our bodies and mind. Here are 5 things I am looking forward to in fall…

The changing colours of the trees, of course. I will be photographing it just like I did for spring.
The crunchy leaves on the ground. I love walking on those.
Wearing cute sweaters and cardigans.
Warm hot chocolate while watching a movie! I crave dark chocolates when it’s cold.
Not having to feel icky and sweaty after a long walk or run.

What are you most looking forward to, I’d love to know :)

Photo is screenshot from Far from Heaven

Fall Trend: Upgraded Sweatshirts

Have you noticed that one big trend for fall is sweatshirts? I am not really into them, but lately my mind has changed. The part I didn’t like about sweatshirts was all the branding and logos in the front, but nowadays things seems to have changed. Sweatshirts are chic and simple. I also love all the beautiful colours they come in but my heart is set on pink and grey. Here are a few I absolutely love, including the top photo (how lovely are those sleeves?)

A Fun Little Update

Sorry for being MIA. The start of September is always crazy, perhaps after a relaxing lazy summer it gets hard to get back to regular life. What have you been up to? I am striving to savor the last few days of summer as much as I can. Last week I took a ferry ride to Staten Island. Even though the ride to and back is about half n hour, it felt like I was on a holiday. Sometimes, doing touristy things in the city you live can make you feel like you’re on holiday, don’t you agree?  Here are all the other fun stuff I cooked, read, watched and wore while missing from my blog.


These days, I am mostly cook dishes that are tomato based since tomatoes are in abundance. Dishes like stews, pastas, dal, pizza, many more. I haven’t done any outdoor grilling this summer because my grill was probably stolen. Well, I don’t really know what happened to it, I just couldn’t find it at the communal rooftop anymore. Hopefully next summer with a brand new grill.

I recently had pizza at a restaurant called Pasquale Jones, apparently a favorite of Daniel Humm, head chef at Eleven Maddison Park, as well. Their pizzas are incredible! So fresh and light, I didn’t feel heavy after my meal which I loved.  The crust is perhaps one of the best I’ve tasted maybe because they are made in a wood fire oven.


Since it’s the last few days of summer, I am still wearing my summer blouses and sandals! I will wear it for as long as I can ;) My favorite has been this blouse from Dôen (pictured). Isn’t it beautiful? The tops and dresses from Dôen are so pretty and elegant. Currently on my wishlist is their beautiful sweater.

I have also been wearing a camel cardigan on those chilly evenings. A camel cardigan is such a classic, just like a camel coat. I prefer ones with pockets and buttons. It goes with just about everything and looks very chic. I love how this one looks so cozy and sweet, albeit the price isn’t.


What TV shows have you been watching these days? I have been so enthralled by Narcos that I have been going to bed (reluctantly) way past my bed time these last two days! I don’t want it to finish. At times it does get too violent for me but the story line is too brilliant to stop.

I am also psyched for the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm. Are you? I must admit, I only found out about this show earlier this year, and therefore so glad for HBOGO I was able to watch all the previous seasons before the new one starts.


Currently I am reading Jean Paul Sartre Essays in Existentialism. I tend to mostly read novels and I wanted something other than that. So far I would say complicated and clever.

One a daily basis, I spend about an hour reading news. As sad as that can be, I think it is important to be aware of what’s going around yourself. Most news channels and websites are so dramatic and reactionary that it gives me unnecessary anxiety. I tend to stay away from the non stop breaking news and preferential treatment to a particular region kind of media. Two news websites that are none of the above are World Socialist Web Site and Al Jazeera.

9 Fun Links

Ryan Hamilton Netflix special made me laugh till it hurt! Best part, no sex jokes. What a relief!

Textile maps of Pakistan and India.

9 things we’re dying to redesign. Do you agree?

Samurai swords shaped ice cream!

10+ time kids came up with amazing DIY inventions.

What a brilliant house.

An oversized cardigan in camel is my favorite thing to wear in fall and this one is so pretty.

How pretty are these salad hands?


The Handbag I’ve Worn a Million Times

Do you have an “everyday” handbag? 3 years ago, before moving to the US, my dad bought me a handbag as a, you could say, goodbye present. We went to the mall and I picked one from Massimo Dutti (pictured above, similar here). The clean cut, beautiful colour and the smell of its leather not only impressed me but my dad too. I first wore it to the airport and still do up to the present time. My friends are surprised it has lasted this long.

I must reveal there is an emotional attachment to it, but I also love it because of so many other reasons. It is the perfect size since I don’t carry much regularly -  just my wallet, phone, keys, fountain pen, metro card and lip balm or lipstick. The colour and design is compatible with any outfit, and finally, the bag is not decorated with any logos or brand names which is how I fancy it.

I perceive that the bag is the only thing in my closet worth every penny. An everyday bag needs to be of good quality so it can hold up to all the wear and tear, don’t you think? At this point, I can’t conceptualize leaving the house without this bag yet ever so often I stumble upon bags that would make excellent everyday bags. Here are some…