How Do You Cheer Yourself After a Rough Day?

Whenever I am having a rough day, due to any minor reason, I always want to cheer myself up so I don’t think about the issue too much and end up crying. During days like that, I have three trusty ways that always distract me and lighten up my mood. These are not solutions to the bad days, but they help me take time off and approach the problem later with a fresh mind. Worrying is not going to solve any issue, but a calm reasonable mind can. :)
Here’s what I like to do;

Dress up, wear a bit of makeup, my most expensive perfume and go out. I like to browse in a bookstore followed by going to a cafe to have a nice cup of tea with a small dessert. You can also take yourself out for dinner or go with a friend. Keeping yourself and your surrounding clean can have a huge calming effect on your mind and feel pretty can instantly cheer you up.

I also like to talk to my mom via Skype. She always has so many fun things to talk about and so many wise words to give that it always cheers me up. You could also speak to a close friend. The idea is to talk to people who can uplift your spirit and bring lots of positivity.

Sometimes I like to watch a hilarious movie, even if I have watched it 100 times, and laugh off my worries. My most favourite is this one.

How do you like to cheer yourself up? Let me know.

Photo by Natalie Collins.

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