La Muralla Roja

Are you heading to Spain this summer? If yes, have you checked out La Muralla Roja?

“La Muralla Roja, spanish for ​‌‘The Red Wall​‌’, is the work of architect Ricardo Bofill, and was built in 1973. It is located on the rocky cliffs of Calpe in the Alicante region of Spain. The building embodies a clear reference to the popular architecture of the Arab Mediterranean, in particular to the adobe of North Africa. The Red Wall is like a fortress, which marks a vertical silhouette allowing the contour lines of the rocky cliff.”

As you can see from the pictures, the building is highly photographable and eventually instagramable because of its modern shapes and bright colours that accentuate the contrast with the landscape. Also the colours pop when its sunny, and because of the building design there is a lot of light and shadow play, which always make photos looks great. You can stay in one of the 50 apartments, available for booking on Airbnb and

You can view more photos here and here

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