How’s Your Summer Been So Far?

Sorry for the lack of action here… I have been spending my summer weekends doing nothing, and it has been so relaxing. I just go to a nearby scenic place and sit. Watching the sun going down, feeling the wind, and people pass by. Just life happening around me while I observe, being amazed.

Last weekend, I went to the Brooklyn bridge park and spent the whole afternoon there. No books, no phone. Just me and a friend, maybe an ice cream too. The weather was really nice, and the gentle sunshine was so soothing. You might wonder, aside from the Brooklyn bridge itself there isn’t much to see, but you would be surprised how much you notice when you actually want to.

Before the start of summer, I like to plan a bunch of activities for myself, in the city I live, and if I do travel anywhere. Because summer here is, sadly, very short, I try my best to fit in as many things to do as I can. It does get a little exhausting because it feels as if I am running a race with nature. Trying to win the race, which by the way I never, I forget to actually enjoy summer.

Growing up in Dubai, winter is the season that everybody enjoys. Because the weather in winter is so pleasant, everyone likes to spend as much time outside as they can. My parents love to go to the park for a BBQ picnic. We go in the afternoon, bbq, have lunch and then just relax until sunset. Of course, when I was a kid, I would be running around playing, but as I grew older, I would relish the time just chilling with my parents.

I have adopted my parent's way of chilling, and so far have, I have been to the park and beach. It has been great. I also tried to take it a step further and disconnect from social media during the weekend, but it proved to be quite a challenge. It is so strange that something you don’t grow up with can become such a big part of life. I would love to try disconnecting from social media for a weekend, but maybe, that’s for another time.

Photo by nikaela peters.

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